My first step

Every single person in this world judges, they may not mean to or even want to but it is in our nature to look at someone and instantly judge them.

In the first 3 seconds of meeting someone just based on their looks alone you decide if you will talk to them or not. Then without getting to know them you will ultimately make up your own hypothesis about who they are and what type of person they are, whether it be true or not which in most cases it is not.

I do it too.

Just like everyone else i judge others but unlike others i have come to the conclusion that trying to stop judging may not be the problem. Everyone does it so just accept it and move on because just as much as i judge someone because i think they are not as good as they really are, i will always accidentally think that someone is better then that of what they are as well. It’s kind of a double sided blade i guess. I always make the wrong assumptions and believe that someone is as good as they can be, which is how i and many others get hurt.

So i shall now take my first step into the realization that no matter how good or bad someone is or may be, they can still hurt me.


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